Abeka Academy

Name: Abeka Academy

Website: www.abekahomeschool.com/homeschool/products/abekaacademy
Price:  Yearly prices (tuition and books) start from $299 USD (K4) to $1,066 USD (Grade 12)
Owners: Originally founded by Dr. Arlin and Beca Horton in 1954, Abeka Academy formed in 1985
Overall Rank: 94 out of 100

Abeka Academy

Abeka Academy, a biblical-based curriculum, offers all the advantages of a homeschool atmosphere without the parent-teacher having to handle everything.  If the parent-teacher doesn’t feel comfortable teaching on their own, or if they are too busy to do it all, or if they feel stretched thin with homeschooling PLUS everything else (day to day family life), Abeka Academy offers video classes for “full grades” meaning K4 (Pre-K) through grade 12.  How does this benefit the homeschooling family?

When you’re not the only teacher, you get

  • more one-on-one time for your children and
  • Freedom to homeschool even if you don’t have the time to develop every lesson yourself.


User Recommendations

“This is my 7th year using Abeka for homeschooling—now schooling 7 of my 8 children. Abeka has been a great partner in their education and has always been a good resource for us. “
–Kristy G

“I love Abeka! All six of my children have used it (homeschooling and traditional Christian school) and were completely prepared for college and beyond!”
–Carole D

“I love ABEKA. There is no better curriculum. My kindergarten class is reading on a 1st and 2nd grade level. Their math and science skills are out of this world.”
–Maria B.


The Good & the Bad

–  Abeka Academy is designed with the Homeschool family in mind.

–  The flexibility afforded to parent-teachers of the homeschool students is unparalleled.

–  All content is reviewed periodically.

–  The review process demonstrates academic integrity, content research, trial testing, and ongoing evaluation to provide the best in Christian educational materials.

–  In this case, the good and the bad go hand in hand.

–  The cost of the program could be prohibitive to some homeschool families.

–  The Abeka Academy web site has so much content, it’s not difficult to lose your way.

Who is Abeka Academy designed for?
The program is for students of all ages.  It’s especially geared to parents who would like or would benefit by having additional teachers, albeit via video instruction

Abeka Academy Tools & Training

Training is limited to instructions on how to use the curriculum and video instruction streaming and DVDs.  There is a free, mobile-friendly Dashboard Tool available with a paid enrollment.  With it, the parent-teacher has the ability to receive notifications, check order details, use a free customizable calendar, and assign lessons to be watched, among other useful features.

Abeka Academy Support

There are several levels of support, beginning with toll-free assistance in the U.S. for billing, shipping, and general queries.  An international line is available as well, but is not toll-free.  For all other queries, including academic support, a private message system is available.


Abeka Academy Price

Prices for tuition and books and video instruction, start at $299 USD for K4 (pre-K) to $1,066 USD for grade 12.

My Final Opinion of Abeka Academy

The curricula offered at Abeka Academy is biblical-based and designed for extreme flexibility.  Prices for early grades are quite reasonable, though in the upper grades, they could be cost prohibitive.  If I had need of homeschooling materials, this is one place I would visit and, perhaps, become a client!

Abeka Academy at a Glance…

Name: Abeka Academy

Website: www.abeka.com/homeschool/products/abekaacademy
Owners: Homeschool program originally founded in 1954, Abeka Academy was formed in 1985.  Currently, a ministry of Pensacola Christian College
Price: Varies according to grade, from $299 USD (K4) to $1,066 USD (grade 12)
Overall Scam Rank: 94 out of 100



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All the best in you homeschooling endeavors,

Mitch Crim




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