7 Sisters Homeschool Review

7 Sisters Homeschool

Name: Self-Paced Online Courses from 7 Sisters

Website: 7sistershomeschool.com/community-blog/self-paced-online-courses-from-7sisters/

Price:    Varies depending on the online courses chosen

Overall Rank:   90 out of 100



These six homeschool moms have been homeschooling side-by-side for over 10 years and have accomplished the following:

Been part of a flourishing umbrella school

Part of a homeschool support network that operated effectively for over 300 families

Offered college-model classes for high school students in a day-school format

Their homeschooled graduates stepped out as well-rounded, college-ready students and mature, workforce-ready men and women with trade skills.

7 Sisters features what they term “Digital Homeschooling,” which includes a purely Ebook Curriculum.  In addition to Ebooks, their store contains several academic disciplines, including Christian Apologetics, Drama Resources, Homeschool Coaching, and more.  Their Christian Apologetics program is taken from Dr. Gerald R. Culley’s Good Answers Christian Apologetics Presentations and offered at no cost to homeschool families.


The Positives

Pricing for the homeschool Ebooks is quite reasonable, with many Ebooks available for a nominal fee.  In addition, the Christian Apologetics program is free, as well as many other resources such as Podcasts and Video Blogs.


The Negatives

The curriculum is primarily geared for the high school student and, although there are many resources available, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of variety of subject matter.  For instance, the math curriculum features only Financial Literacy and all that entails.  There are no upper-level math offerings for students.  The same lack of offerings applies to their Science curriculum, as well.  Homeschool families are left with finding Math and Science curriculums to assist their college bound students.


Who is 7 Sisters For?

The curriculum is designed for the homeschooling family (primarily, high schoolers), but it seems problematic whether graduating students would be able to enter college given the curriculum.  Much of the upper-level curriculum that many colleges require is simply not present.  To their credit, however, 7 Sisters maintains an active homeschool blog in which these issues are addressed and alternatives are proffered to the homeschooling community.


7 Sisters Price

7 Sisters Digital Homeschooling platform is very reasonable in price, with many products offered free.  This includes podcasts, video blogs, and the Christian Apologetics course.


My Final Opinion of 7 Sisters

Speaking as one with experience in the homeschooling realm and with a daughter actively homeschooling her daughters, this is a program with lots to offer the homeschooling public.  The content of the product and the homeschool blogging community leads me to recommend it to most everyone.  One, however, must bear in mind that college-bound students may not find the curriculum as useful to them or their future plans.


Product at a Glance…

Name: 7 Sisters

Website: 7sistershomeschool.com

Owners: Purchaser

Price: Varies by course

Overall Scam Rank: 90 out of 100

VERDICT:  I would buy it.


I hope you have found this review useful.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them below.  Email is also most welcome!  I respond to all comments and email, so I look forward to hearing from you!

All the best in you homeschooling endeavors,

Mitch Crim



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