Blue Manor Education

As they say at Blue Manor Education, “An Elite Education Begins at Home.”

This is the mantra of Britton and Janine, the owners of Blue Manor Education.  That is exactly what they believe.  It is their mission “to help parents raise sons and daughters whose legacies honor their families and glorify their God.”

That’s why they create learning books for kids ages 1 – 12 and early learning curriculum.  Much of their efforts, providing information and inspiration, can be seen in their blog: True Aim.

Britton and Janine sincerely believe that we, in the homeschooling community, are in this together.  They encourage all their visitors to join them in the Blue Manor Homeschool Community.

This community is a subscription effort on the part of Blue Manor Education.  There is no cost to subscribe and there are freebies available should you decide to become a member.  These benefits include a free “How to Homeschool eBook,” free Bible Song printables, and lots of homeschooling inspiration!

Christian Homeschool Curriculum

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